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HA - you have also been on a jury? HA - the fact that you are not in this nation currently exempts you from jury duty? HA - you have just written a paper on The Crito? HA - you are going to send me a thousand cookies and visit me. The last one. Please let it be the last one. Reply Delete Since her first day in office, one of Marilyn Burgess’ principal goals as Harris County District Clerk has been improving the jury service experience. A proposal approved this week by the Harris County Commissioners Court does exactly that by raising the meal allowance for jurors from $7 on the first and the second day of jury service to $10.

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I got called for jury duty. this is my second summons. the first time i skipped it. but here's the thing *it got sent to my old address. *i havent lived there for over 2 years (my brother lives there now and sometimes he still gives me my mail) *i still live in the same county as where the summons was issued I've been reporting for jury duty at the Torrance Courthouse for the past 15 years. Parking is ample, & close to the entrance if you get there early. Friendly officers at the main entrance security checkpoint, then it's a short walk to the jury room located in a bungalow near the back of the courthouse.

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I am in the military on active duty. Do I have to serve jury duty? The first step is to determine whether you are qualified to serve. If you have been a resident of Virginia for 12 months and a resident of Virginia Beach for 6 months and you meet all other eligibility requirements, you may be selected by the jury commissioners to serve jury duty. I served once and that was when my was 3 weeks old. I didnt want to leave him but I heard that its hard to get out of jury duty here. Guess what I sat in a room for 7 hours and then the case was dismissed before we were in sent into the court.I just got summoned for jury duty in November.. And i am freaking out..

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Feb 29, 2012 · I also have a 17-year-old autistic son who gets home at 2:30. Therefore, for me to serve on a jury, I have to find a babysitter for both before and after school. And because my son is autistic, my sitters charge $20 an hour. Can you understand why every time I get a jury duty summons I call up and beg to get out? Another:

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To be eligible for jury duty, you must be at least 18 years of age, a United States citizen, a Maryland resident, and able to read, write, and understand the English language. There are certain exemptions from jury service, which you can learn about by contacting the Jury Commissioner in your county.