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Ahh ok yes it seems nvidia introduced a new low latency setting, you will need to revert to a driver prior to august to get the original pre-rendered setting back and see if it makes any change. If it does make a difference it may be something that the new feature needs to be looked into as what you say is correct it does similar function but ... Mar 26, 2013 · AMD & Single-GPU Stuttering: Causes & Solutions. Thus far we’ve discussed stuttering and the rendering pipeline in theory, and taken a look at an example of the rendering pipeline in practice ...

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The NVIDIA Quadro 1000M is a professional workstation graphics card based on the Fermi architecture (probably the same chip like the consumer GeForce GT 540M).Compared to the 5010M, the 1000M does ... Mar 16, 2019 · The limit is 165fps - after this, you'll encounter drawcall issues for certain objects, resulting in a reduction of fps across the board due to the microstutter. @OP: You can use MSI Afterburner (with the RivaTuner addition) to cap fps to 165 - or any other number you wish - like the next screenshot depicts:

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Ryzen 5 1600 Microstutter Message was edited by: M W - this answer should not be 'assumed answered' because a solution has not been found. I'm essentially encountering stuttering in games and some applications, despite my temperatures being fine and low usage of the components.

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microstutter when moving unlike borderless window is smooth one thing you can try to remove this particular stutter , in the nvidia control panel go to the profile for swtor and set pre-rendered frames to 1 So what it does, it will set your GPU do the scaling and makes your GPU to handle PhysX. My FPS improved with 40 frames and no more microstuttering.

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2. Thats quite odd. Usually SLi is the culprit of most micro stutters. Had a SLi setup myself before (2 systems 680 and 780Ti), and they always had microstutter (sometimes hard to notice but definitely there). When it gets severe in games, I had to disable SLi and use single card only to avoid issues.